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Eco Tanks

West Coast Suppliers eco tanks and water storage solutions are ideal for storing and saving as well as recycling household water. Our tanks are also ideal for rain water harvesting, with standard and custom sizes to meet your needs.

West Coast Suppliers Quality

Eco Tanks

West Coast Suppliers eco tanks are eco-friendly and SABS approved, quality tested to give you peace of mind with all your water storage needs. We supply vertical storage tanks from 260L up to 15,000L in various colours. You will need an accredited plumber to install our eco tanks. All our eco tanks; are completely safe for drinking water, triple layered to keep water cool even in summer, stop the growth of bacteria in the walls of the tank, odourless and colourless treated, reduce slime (biofilm) on inside of the tank, reduce contamination in water and, are maintenance free.

Vertical Tanks

Also known as Vertical Water Tanks or Vertical Water Storage Tanks, vertical tanks are used for water storage and come in Green, Beige or Olive, with a storage capacity of 260 litres all the way up to 15 000 litres, manufactured from a high quality unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) that is highly durable, giving a 10 year warranty and guarantee. Our Vertical tanks are available for commercial and residential use.



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